Artists of America Presents Art Classes taught by Diedre Hopkins Burke
"Find Your Painting Style" Art Classes On-Line and in Oceanside CA & San Pedro CA
In Los Angeles or San Diego for just a few days & want to take a class?


Call Diedre to reserve your easel:  213.924.6653

  • All Supplies Included ~ EXCEPT:
  • YOU need to bring a photo of what you want to paint (this is your "model")
  • Get a hard copy printed out from the hotel.
  • Ipads & phones make difficult "models" to paint from

To sign up & reserve your easel:
Email Diedre:  dbrke@aol.com

Classes offered:
In Los Angeles (San Pedro, CA) 2nd Friday & Saturday of every month
In San Diego (Oceanside, CA) 1st, 3rd, and 4th Friday & Saturday of every month
Friday Mornings 10am-1pm
Saturday Mornings 10am-1pm